How to Get to Ice Ravine in "MapleStory"

In "MapleStory," the Ice Ravine is an area in the El Nath region, where the major city Orbis is also located. The Ice Ravine is filled with ice-based monsters and enemies. It is also the location of several quests in the game. Because it is a large and expansive area in the game, you can reach it from any of the World Portals, which are located in all of the major cities in the game.

Go to any major city in the game. You can reach major cities through your World Map feature.

Go to the Town Hall and click on the "World Portal," which is a swirling blue mass in the middle of the Town Hall's main level. You can find the Town Hall on the city map by pressing the "M" button. Because each city is different, each Town Hall will be located in a different area of its town.

Click on "El Nath Region" from the list that appears, and then select "Ice Ravine" from the next list that appears.

Click "Confirm" at the bottom of the panel. This will transport you to the Ice Ravine Entrance.

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