How to Train a Fuchsia on a Trellis

When you are planning the landscape in your garden or yard, it's a good idea to choose all sorts of plants, from those that grow low to the ground to climbing plants that can cover a trellis. Some fuchsia varieties, such as Lady Boothby, work well as a trailing vine. You cannot simply plant your fuchsia plant at the base of a trellis and expect it to grow on it, however. You must train the plant to grow along the trellis.

Find a location for your trailing fuchsia plant and trellis that has partial shade to full sun. If you are planting your fuchsia plant in the ground, the soil should be well-draining, moist and fertile.

Plant your fuchsia plant in the ground or in a container at the base of your trellis. Water it thoroughly.

Allow the fuchsia plant to grow until its shoots reach the bottom of the trellis.

Attach the fuchsia vine to the trellis using plant ties when it gets long enough. Do this loosely, leaving about an inch of space between the trellis and the vine to allow the vine to grow and become thicker.

Pinch off new growth on your fuchsia plant frequently. Pinching the new shoots will encourage your fuchsia vine to branch, which will help it to more thickly cover the trellis.

Continue tying the vine to the trellis and pinching away new shoots until the trellis has grow long enough to cover the trellis.

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