How to Renounce Malaysian Citizenship

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Malaysia has rigid citizenship laws and has had so since before it became an independent nation. While many nations allow some citizens to retain dual citizenship, Malaysia does not. The prohibition is written into the Malaysia Constitution.

So Malaysians who emigrate to the United States, Australia, Singapore and other nations are often forced to choose between their new home and their old one. Each Malaysian who wishes to renounce his citizenship must contact either the Malaysian embassy or a Malaysian consulate, and the process can take months.

Write a letter to the Malaysian Embassy in the United States at 3516 International Court, N.W., Washington DC 20008, requesting that a copy Barang (Form) "K" be sent to you. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your letter.

Complete Form K. Appendix A of Form K requires your left and right thumbprints, and you must thumbprint and sign the document in front of a notary public.

Mail or carry two copies of Form K to the Malaysian Embassy or the Malaysian Consulates in either Los Angeles or New York with the items listed in the following steps.

Include your original Malaysian Passport and identity card, your original Malaysian birth certificate and two recent passport size photos with the two copies of Form K. Also include a money order in the amount of £2 for processing. (Fee as of May 2011.)

Attach a copy of a lost property report from your local police force if you have lost your Malaysian birth certificate or Malaysian Identity Card.

Attach a second money order made payable to "FedEx" for £19 and a preaddressed FedEx shipping form for the return of your passport and other original documents (fee as of May 2011). Mail or carry all documents, forms and money orders to the Malaysian Embassy in Washington, the Consulate in Los Angeles or the New York Consulate.