How to: homemade moss remover

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If you have moss problems and don't want to purchase a special moss removal product, you can use items readily available in your house to achieve moss control. A weak bleach solution kills moss that grows on various surfaces, such as decks, patios and roofs. You can also use a special moss-control bleach from a garden centre, but regular bleach works just as well. You may have to repeat the application to achieve sufficient control.

Pour chlorine bleach that contains sodium hypochlorite into a bucket. Add water to the bucket so the mixture contains 1 part bleach to 9 parts water. Mix the solution thoroughly.

Pour the bleach solution into a backpack sprayer or a garden watering can.

Apply the bleach solution to a small, hidden area to check for any damage to the surface. If the bleach damages the surface, you may have to use a special moss removal product instead of the bleach solution.

Apply the bleach solution to the areas affected by moss if the solution passes the damage test. The solution will kill the moss, turning the moss yellow or light green.

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