How to Use a Netgear DG834G Router As a Switch

Netgear DG834G series devices feature an integrated DSL modem, router, firewall and switch in one small network appliance. DG834G routers are designed to connect to and share a DSL Internet connection with multiple computers on the premises. With the factory default configuration, the DG834G automatically functions as a router when any device is connected to the Ethernet "LAN" ports. You can use a Netgear DG834G router as a switch by disabling the built-in DHCP server through the configuration interface.

Open a Web browser.

Type "" without quotes into the address bar and then press "Enter."

Type "admin" and "password" without quotes for the user name and password, respectively. Press "Enter."

Click "LAN IP Setup."

Click to uncheck "Use Router as DHCP server."

Click "Apply" to save and apply the changes.

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