How to Make Goal Posts for a Cake

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Football season is a time for celebrations, whether friends come over to watch a game or someone throws a birthday party for a football fan. Consider baking a cake that looks like a football pitch as a way to bring the sports festivities through with the food. No football field is complete without goalposts, so make your own and place them in the appropriate place.

Cut two of your four yellow straws in half.

Hold one of the halves horizontally and place a spot of glue on the centre of the straw.

Place the area with the spot of glue onto the top of another yellow straw piece, held vertically. This will create the base and the horizontal crossbar of the goalpost. Hold the straws together for several seconds until the glue dries. The two straws should form a "T." (alternatively glue 3 straws to form a so

Place a spot of glue on top of one end of the goalpost's crossbar.

Glue another yellow straw half vertically at the end of the crossbar.

Repeat this process on the other end of the horizontal crossbar, completing your yellow straw goalpost.

Repeat the steps to create your other goalpost. Insert the goalposts into the cake, in each end zone.

Choose four pretzel sticks that are roughly the same length. Avoid pretzel sticks that are bent because they will not look like goalposts.

Place some hardened white chocolate into a microwave-safe bowl and place it inside the microwave. Let it cook for about 15 seconds, then stir the white chocolate. Continue this process until the white chocolate has become liquid. You will use the white chocolate as the cement for your edible pretzel stick goalposts.

Dip the tip of one pretzel stick into the melted white chocolate. Place another pretzel stick horizontally on top of the first pretzel stick, with its centre lining up to form a "T." Hold the two pretzels together until the white chocolate dries and hardens, which could take a few minutes.

Dip an end of the horizontal pretzel stick into the white chocolate. Place another pretzel stick on top of it vertically. Allow the white chocolate to harden, then repeat this with the other end and other pretzel stick.

Repeat this process to create your second pretzel stick goalpost and place both goalposts on the cake, in the end zones.

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