How to Delete a Page in Tumblr

Tumblr may not offer as many options as other blogging platforms in terms of complex customisation, but the Pages feature does let you add extra pages onto your blog in a few simple steps. If you add too many pages and want to clean your Tumblr up, deleting a page is just as simple as creating one.

Keep in mind that when you delete a page on Tumblr, you can't get it back. You may want to create a backup of your page's content if you think you may use it again.

Navigate to and log in to your account.

Click the "Customize" link in the right column of your Dashboard.

Click the "Pages" tab on your "Customize" page.

Click the "X" icon next to the page you want to delete. Click the "OK" button when prompted to confirm you really want to delete your page. Click the "Save + Close" button to save your changes.