How to attach flowers to an arch

Creatas/Creatas/Getty Images

Flower-covered arches are often used in weddings to designate where the ceremony will take place. Many wedding locations already have an arch that you can use, if you choose. Covering the arch with flowers ties it in with the rest of your wedding theme and sets a backdrop for the photos of your big day.

If you're crafty you can cover the arch with flowers yourself.

Wrap the floral foam with floral netting to help hold water in the foam. Fresh flowers need water to keep from wilting. The floral foam with hold onto water for them. Attach the floral netting to the foam with tape.

Tape or wire the floral foam to the arch. Arrange the foam into the shape you want the flowers to follow when you attach them to the arch. Spray the floral foam with water to keep the flowers fresh.

Cut off 1/2 inch of the ends of each flower bouquet and place them into the floral foam. Arrange the flowers so they cover the floral foam completely. Plant foliage can be used to cover the flower foam as well.

Wire the flower stems to the side of the arch, if necessary, to hold them in place.