How to Parboil Pork

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Parboiling is a cooking technique that is used to cook vegetables and meats, including pork. It involves partially boiling the pork without fully cooking it. The cooking is completed by using another process such as baking, grilling simmering or frying.

Parboiling is a healthy way to cook pork, as it gets rid of the extraneous scum layer, blood and small bits of bone. Reduce the cooking time for pork cuts such as spare ribs, pork shoulder and pork belly by easily parboiling them first.

Place 1.36 Kilogram of pork cuts in a large stockpot. Fill it with approximately 4 quarts of water, such that it submerges the meat completely.

Set the stockpot on high heat and boil for around 20 minutes. You can add herbs and seasonings such as salt, pepper, onion and garlic at this stage if desired. Use a slotted spoon to remove the layer of scum that forms while the pork parboils.

Turn off the heat. Use a colander to drain the pork and collect the liquid in a bowl. Once the pork has slightly cooled, you can grill, bake, braise or simmer it as part of your cooking process.