How to Access the System Restore on a Dell Inspiron 9400

Access the system restore tools for your Dell Inspiron 9400 to return the computer to the factory operating condition. When you perform a system recovery, it resolves major and minor errors caused by virus infections, hard drive crashes and other issues.

The process is also useful in wiping your hard drive clear before selling the computer or passing it on to a different user. Dell includes the system restore tools in a hard drive partition, so you can access the utilities without having to hold on to software discs or call for technical help.

Remove any extra hardware devices, such as printers, MP3 players, tablets or smart phones that may be connected to the computer.

Restart the computer, and wait for the BIOS messages to appear on the screen.

Press the "F8" key until the "Advanced Boot Options Menu" appears. Use the arrow keys to highlight the "Repair Your Computer" option, and press "Enter."

Click "English" in the language menu and click "Next." Enter in the administrator username and password for the computer. Click "Next" to access the system restore features of your Dell Inspiron 9400.