Payday Game Directions

"Payday" is a board game for two to four players, ages 8 and older. The object of the game is have the most money -- or least debt -- at the end of the game. The game board is a month calendar. Players collect their salary and pay their bills at the end of each month. Players decide how many months their game will be. With four players, a three-month game can take about one hour.

Choose a player to be the Banker. He is in charge of all money going into and out of the bank. Each player receives £2,275: two £650 bills, two £325 bills and five £65 bills.

Select a player to keep loan records.

Choose board tokens and decide who will go first. The first player rolls the die and moves his token the specified number of spaces. Follow the instructions of the space you land on. In most of the spaces, you receive mail, including bills.

Pick up the number of mail cards indicated on a mail space. Keep them face up in front of you; you will pay your bills at the end of the month. Some mail cards give you money immediately.

Draw a Deal Card from the top of the pile if you land on a Deal space. You can purchase the item shown on the card in the hope that you will land on a Buyer space later in the game. If you do not take the Deal, put the card in a discard pile. You can have any number of Deal cards, but you can sell only one at a time.

Follow instructions on other spaces you land on. If you end up on the Sweepstakes space, you will receive £3,250 from the bank. If you land on the Lottery space, the Bank will ante in £650 and players can choose to risk £65. Each player who is participating in the lottery picks a number from 1 to 6. The player who landed on the space rolls the die again. If it shows a number chosen by one of the lottery players, that player collects the lottery money. If the die shows a number not chosen, roll it again until someone wins the lottery.

Stop at Payday no matter what your die roll was. Collect your salary and pay your bills. Move your token back to the start of the month.

Borrow money if you have to. You can borrow only from the Bank, in increments of £650. You can pay off your loan only on Payday. If you can't pay the loan, you must pay 10 per cent interest. The record keeper must keep track of how much money each player owes.

Finish the game by completing the final month. The player with the most money, or least debt, is the winner.

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