How to Turn Off DSC in a Mini Cooper

In 2001, BMW introduced the all-new redesigned Mini Cooper. Model types for the Mini include the hardtop, convertible, Clubman, Countryman and John Cooper Works. The Dynamic Stability Control system aids the driver when navigating through slippery road conditions. DSC works by manipulating the braking system and throttling engine power when the on-board computer detects wheel slippage. Turning off the DSC may prove necessary after installing snow chains, or getting the vehicle unstuck from mud, as well as snow.

Place the vehicle's transmission in the "Park" or "Neutral" position.

Apply the vehicle's brake and start the engine.

Press the "DSC Off" button located directly below the front console cup holder, until the "DSC Off" indicator on the dashboard lights up.

Press the "DSC Off" button to reactivate the Dynamic Stability Control system, when needed.

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