How to Fix a Zipper Split

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A broken zipper can be frustrating, especially when it happens on an expensive item of clothing, camping gear or luggage. Zippers themselves are inexpensive, but professional replacement can be costly and time-consuming. Though many modern zippers are self-repairing, malfunctions do occur.

The most common zipper problem is a split -- a part in the zipper caused by a deformed zipper pull. When this happens, you can usually fix a split zipper with common household tools.

Gently pry the back of the zipper pull open with the head of a flat screwdriver. Once it will move freely, slide the zipper pull back over the split area. Position it directly before the split.

Crimp the bottom of the zipper pull with the pliers. Pinch each side of the pull evenly with firm pressure until the pull is back to its original shape.

Slide the zipper over the affected area and ensure that the zipper does not split apart again. If the zipper feels too tight, you can loosen it again slightly with the screwdriver head.