How to Delete a Saved Username on the AOL Login Screen

The AOL Internet software program is not restricted to just one username. This allows all AOL customers to sign into any version of the program and browse the Internet or check their e-mail using the software. The account information for each person that has used the software saves automatically on the main AOL login screen. Deleting your saved username from this screen prevents others from signing onto the service and having access to your AOL e-mail and other personal information.

Open the AOL login screen.

Click the arrow on the far-right part of the screen name box. All usernames used with the AOL software appear in the drop-down menu.

Choose the AOL username you're deleting.

Click the box next to the "Remember Me" option located directly beneath the username menu to uncheck it. A confirmation window will open. Click "Yes" in this window.

Click "OK" in the "Alert" window informing you the selected username is removed from the AOL login screen.

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