How to hide a gas meter in the garden

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While a gas meter provides the vital service of keeping track of your utility expenditures, when it sticks up in the middle of your garden, it can ruin what might otherwise be a flawless landscape. Hiding the gas meter provides a solution to this problem. Base your methods on the specific garden type you have and the look you prefer. Determine whether you want to build a fence or wall, plant bushes or paint the meter to blend in.

Install a gas meter cover or cabinet on the outside of the meter. The cover provides protection from the elements as well as conceals its appearance. Paint the gas meter cover to blend in with the garden by applying a natural coloured acrylic paint. You could also build a small stone wall around the gas meter and paint the cover to look like the stones.

Plant bushes such as juniper, holly, azalea or boxwood in a pattern around the gas meter. Place the bushes several feet in front, leaving an open space with the gas meter in the centre. Use evergreen bushes for year-round coverage.

Install a trellis fence around the gas meter. Dig a trench and stick the sections of the trellis in the ground. Fill in the trench with dirt. Leave one side open or install a fence for gas meter access. Use climbing garden plants like peas, squash or beans or flowering vines like honeysuckle or wisteria to fill in the trellis.

Build a small decorative wall around the meter, using bricks or stones. Make it slightly higher than the meter so it's tall enough to hide it from a distance but short enough for the utility company to read and access.

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