How to hide a lip piercing the first day you get it

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Wanting to hide a recent lip piercing is understandable, especially if you work or go to school in a setting that has based its dress code on more traditional values. Luckily, piercing providers have created options that allow one to maintain a piercing without fully exposing the existence of the piercing. All that is required is a steady hand, the lip-piercing retainer, and cleaning materials.

Clean the lip-piercing retainer and your hands using the antibacterial soap. Make sure to wash off all soap residue, as this can get into the piercing and start an infection.

Remove the original stud or lip ring carefully. Because this is the first day, the area may bleed or feel tender or swollen.

Place the retainer in the hole as soon as possible. You may experience discomfort and bleeding from the tender area. If there is bleeding, press the area lightly with a paper towel until bleeding stops.

Wash the area around the lip-piercing retainer using water and the antibacterial soap. You may also wish to apply an antibacterial cream to the area.

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