How to Put Things in Alphabetical Order in Microsoft Word

If you create a list in a Microsoft Word document then you might want to arrange the items in a logical order to help readers quickly find the information they need. Arranging your list in alphabetical order is an effective way to present information in an easily navigable format. You can arrange information alphabetically in Microsoft Word by creating a numbered or bullet-point list, and then using the program's "Sort" function.

Launch Microsoft Word.

Click the "File" tab and select "Open" to open the document that you want to edit.

Highlight all the paragraphs of text that you want to place in alphabetical order.

Click the numbered list or bullet-point list button in the "Paragraph" group on the "Home" tab of the program menu. Wait for Microsoft Word to turn the selected text into a numbered or bullet-point list.

Highlight all the text in the list. Click "Sort" in the "Paragraph" group on the "Home" tab.

Click "Paragraphs" and then click "Text" in the "Sort Text" dialogue box under the "Sort By" heading.

Click "Ascending" to arrange the information alphabetically, or click "Descending" to arrange the information in reverse alphabetical order.

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