How to Insert a Tick Mark in Excel

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The Developer tab, hidden by default in Excel 2007 and 2010, contains a powerful array of tools, among them, the tick mark, or check box. Users can insert a tick mark as a Form control or an ActiveX control. For a simple check box that anyone can check or uncheck, with a label, a Form control is the simpler method.

Reveal the Developer tab, if necessary. In Excel 2007, click the "Office" button and choose "Excel Options." In the Popular options set, check the box labelled "Show Developer tab in the Ribbon." In Excel 2010, click "File" then "Options." Choose "Customize Ribbon" in the Categories pane and check "Developer" in the list of tabs.

Click the "Developer" tab. Choose "Insert" and from the Form Controls group choose the small box with a check mark in it.

Draw a box with the cursor to define the location and size of tick mark and its label. These remain changeable.

Click on the text, marked "Check Box 1," delete that text and add your own.

Right-click anywhere in the form and choose "Format Control..." to set the form's formatting properties, such as colour and lines. Choose the "Control" tab to determine whether the box begins with a tick or without one. Add 3-D shading if you like.

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