How to fold towels into fancy shapes

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Have you noticed your bathroom towels looking quite special when you stay at a hotel or are in a fancy restaurant? Folding towels and washcloths into fancy shapes adds a little flair to the space, making it seem ritzy and updated. Doing this yourself is possible and gets easier once you get the hang of it. Starting with a simple but elegant shape will help you gain skills to move on to fancier and harder folds.

Lay the bath towel flat and fold into thirds. Start with folding one side toward the middle and continue with the other side. Hang towel on rack as is.

Lay a hand towel down with the tag side down. Fold the bottom 2/3 of the way and fold back down onto itself. Make sure this fold is less than the length to the middle of the towel.

Flip the towel over and make sure the fold is still on the bottom. Fold each side toward each other and tuck the right side into the left side pocket. Put aside.

Lay a washcloth tag side up and fold the tag in. Flip over and fold again. Continue folding as if you were making a paper fan. Fold the washcloth in half so the bottom has the curve and the top shows the fan design.

Tuck the washcloth into the pocket of the hand towel so it sticks out showing the fan. Lay the hand towel over the bath towel on the rack.

Lay the bath towel flat and place finger in the middle on the top. Roll the right side down from the top right corner until you can't roll anymore.

Keep finger on towel and roll the left side down from the top corner until it meets the other roll. Take top point and lift up so it curves. This is the neck of the swan.

Curve the top tip downward, creating a beak. Mold towel so the form stays put. You can keep it like this or move on to create a different figure.

Undo swan figure and bring both loose ends toward the middle, with each end lying in each side. Bring the ends around to the other side and lift towel up to tie a knot. Flip towel over.

Tuck the loose ends of the knot in and rest on a flat surface with the twisted part standing up. Bend down so the top looks like a head.

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