How to Cut Amtico Tiles

An Amtico tile installer custom cuts the floor's edges, corners and medallions to fit the field tile. In a square or rectangular room, a good Amtico tile layout places equally sized cuts along each wall.

The Amtico tile layout style in other shaped rooms, or a room with an architectural feature, depends on the wall's angles and the room layout. Architectural features include columns, kitchen islands, bay windows and fireplaces. Tile installers often cut in the optional medallion in the centre of the room or under an overhanging chandelier.

Install all the field tile on the floor, leaving the cut pieces for last. This installation method lets the installer adjust each tile cut's shape and size to match the floor layout.

Lay out the Amtico tile cuts. Gather the cut tile's measurement with a tape measure and transfer the measurement to a piece of Amtico tile. Draw a pencil line across the Amtico tile's finished surface with a pencil, using a carpenter's square as a straightedge. If installing a medallion on an Amtico tile floor, set the medallion on the floor in its appropriate position and trace the medallion's outline with a pencil.

Score the Amtico tile's surface along the pencil marks with a utility knife. Press the knife's blade into the tile's surface with a light, steady pressure, using just enough pressure to scar the tile's surface.

Run the utility knife's blade across the score marks with increased pressure. Repeat this several times until the blade slices through the Amtico tile.

Discard the cut section of tile. If cutting around a medallion, pry the centre tile out of the floor with a flat screwdriver and work from the removed tile to the edge of the medallion.