How to Shred Ginger Root

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Fresh ginger root is a common ingredient in homemade salad dressings. The spice is also used to accent sweet flavours, such as honey, which can be combined to cook salmon. It is not necessary to peel the ginger, though some recipes call for that.

Ginger is usually shredded, much like garlic, before it is added to a dish. You can keep ginger tasting fresh by freezing it. Frozen ginger is also easier to shred.

Put the ginger root on a cutting board and slice it in thin strips. Flip the strip flat on its side and place your knife beside it.

Put your free hand on the dull part of the knife's blade and lift the handle up and push it down, guiding the blade with the hand on top to shred the root.

Position the blade at a 90-degree angle from where you were just chopping and continue to lift the blade with one hand while guiding the knife with the other.

Put a regular cheese grater over a plate. Grab the ginger root and slide it against the fine grooves of the grater. These are usually located on the side.

Continue to swipe up and down. Be careful near the end so you don't slice your hand.

Wipe the inside of the grater with your hand to get the extra ginger. For thicker ginger, use the courser grooves in the grater.