How to Use Flickr for eBay Auctions

The Yahoo! Flickr photo hosting service offers you the ability to host an unlimited number of pictures free. Unfortunately for those who wish to use Flicker to host images of items for sale on eBay, the service does not offer the capability to link directly to individual images using an HTML image tag. This does not mean that eBay sellers can't make use of Flickr to promote their listings, however; other features of the site, such as slide shows and image badges, can still be placed in eBay auctions.

Log into your Flickr account. If you don't have a Flickr account, you can create one using your Yahoo! ID, Facebook Connect or Google login.

Create a folder in your Flickr account for your eBay auction. Upload all of the pictures of your item to the new folder.

Use the Flickr Badge Generator to create a new badge using the pictures you uploaded to the new folder. Create either an HTML or Flash badge, selecting all of the pictures in the folder and copying the HTML code for embedding the badge into a website once it is finished.

Log into your eBay account and create a new listing for your item. Fill out all required information for the listing, adding as much detail about the item as you wish.

Paste the HTML code used to add your badge to a website into the description box for your auction. When the auction goes live, the badge appears in the listing to let visitors see pictures of the item, and it also contains a link to the folder so that they can view additional images.

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