How to complain to Amazon about a seller

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As anyone who has ever bought anything from Amazon or other online retailers knows, the description does not always match the product, and sometimes sellers are just plain rude and dishonest. To resolve these kinds of problems, Amazon gives its customers a way to complain about its sellers.

Review Amazon's A-to-Z Guarantee. This guarantee outlines Amazon's policy on products that can be considered "materially different" from the descriptions provided by the sellers. This applies to products that were not received, products that were not in the condition described, products that were damaged and products that had defective or missing pieces. Complaints can also be made in cases where the buyer returned an item and no refund was given.

Contact the seller directly. Amazon first encourages buyers to get in touch with sellers to solve any problems. Sellers can be reached through your account on Amazon. Click "Your Account" on the right side of the Amazon home page and enter your email address and password.

Click the yellow arrow labelled "Your orders." Locate the order you are disputing and click "Problem with this order?" Choose the "Contact Seller" option to send an email message about your product. Allow the seller three days to get back to you.

Lodge a complaint with Amazon if the seller does not respond, refund the money or exchange the product. From your account, again find the order, then click "File a claim." Provide a reason for the claim from the drop-down menu. Use the comments section to provide more detailed information about the complaint. Click "Submit" when finished.

Keep track of your complaint by logging into your account, selecting "Your Orders" and clicking the "Problem with this order?" link. Amazon may issue an instant credit, request additional information, contact the seller on your behalf or reject the claim.

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