How to Get Presale Codes for Ticketmaster

If you want to get the hottest event tickets on Ticketmaster before anyone else does, you usually need a presale code. Having a presale code can help you secure tickets to events that are likely to sell out. While you enter the presale codes on the Ticketmaster website, the actual codes do not come from Ticketmaster. The codes come from a variety of places, including event promoters and fan clubs.

Check the Wise Guys Presale website (see Resources) to see whether a presale code is listed for the event you are interested in. The current available codes are updated regularly each day.

Sign up for the mailing list on the event or artist website. For example, if you are interested in getting presale codes for Kelly Clarkson concerts, signing up for the mailing list on her website results in presale codes coming to your inbox for tour dates. Some artists restrict presale codes to fan club members, which means you must pay to join the fan club for presale codes.

Get an American Express Gold credit card. Ticketmaster frequently has presale codes specifically for American Express Gold card holders. You must pay with the credit card in order to obtain the tickets. Apply on the American Express website (see Resources).

Purchase tickets for the event from your Ticketmaster account. This sets you up to get future presales codes via e-mail. The codes do not come directly from Ticketmaster. Instead, event promoters pay Ticketmaster for user data to see who purchased tickets in the past for the event. Then, the event promoters send out presale codes via Ticketmaster to that group of users.

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