How to make fondant shiny

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Decorating a cake of your own is a fun, but sometimes frustrating process. Working with fondant, modelling chocolate, gum paste and marzipan can be challenging. Getting the look you want while working with these materials takes times, patience and a lot of practice. Fondant is a remarkable decorating tool. It is essentially just a type of frosting, but can be moulded and shaped into almost anything on a cake. Making it shiny enough to look like plastic or glass takes a little time.

Roll out your fondant, either purchased or homemade, on a very clean wooden or stone work surface dusted with equal parts sifted cornstarch and icing sugar.

Place the cake on the workspace in front of you to make the transfer simple.

Polish the surface of the fondant with the palm of your hand, using a circular motion. This makes the surface shiny and smooth, according to Pastry Chef Central.

Spray vegetable cooking spray lightly over the surface before laying over the cake to add to the shine.

Lay your fondant over your cake and continue polishing very gently, if necessary, with a cardboard circle.

Use a clean paintbrush dipped in egg whites or melted shortening to shine the fondant on the cake or cutout pieces even more.

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