DIY flameless Halloween cauldron

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If you want to mimic the props of witches and ghouls for your next Halloween party, you can easily create your own flameless cauldron. Combining flameless, flickering LED lights, dry ice and hot water within the cauldron provides a creepy vapour that emanates like fog from the cauldron. The LED lights last approximately 15 hours, while the dry ice and water require frequent refilling. You can create mini cauldrons as table centrepieces or large cauldrons as focal points.

Purchase a black plastic cauldron from a Halloween party store or create a makeshift cauldron by painting a large outdoor planter black. Purchase battery-operated, flickering LED lights. Buy dry ice as close to the time of use as possible. Store the dry ice in an insulated foam container in a ventilated space.

Accessorise the outside or your cauldron with Halloween decorations such as spiders, cobwebs and glow sticks.

Place your cauldron in the desired, well-ventilated spot. Fit a plastic or aluminium bowl or container inside the cauldron. Prop the bowl on bricks to increase the visual effect and to hold down the cauldron.

Turn your battery-operated flickering LED lights on. Line and tape the lights with duct tape around the interior top part of the cauldron.

Boil a large pot of water. Place heavy protective gloves on your hands. Pour the hot water into the plastic or aluminium container within your cauldron. Try not to pour water on the LED lights.

Keep your heavy protective gloves on to protect your hands from dry ice burns. Place a chunk of dry ice into the hot water-filled container within the cauldron to create a fog effect. Refill the pan with hot water and dry ice, as needed.

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