How to Cut Silestone Countertops

The combination of resins and quartz creates Silestone, a hard countertop material that dulls blades designed to cut metal and wood before they can cut through it. As the blades dull, the Silestone will heat and melt the resin holding the countertop together.

Using a specialised cutting blade combined with a lubricant creates a clean cut through the Silestone countertop. Reducing the heat generated while cutting Silestone will protect the material and save the cost of replacing an expensive section of countertop.

Attach a 4 1/2-inch diamond cutting wheel to the arbor of a 4 1/2-inch angle grinder. Ensure the blade is centred on the arbor and tight.

Fill a 1-gallon plastic container. Set the container on the Silestone countertop, near the cutting area.

Cover the area you need to cut with masking tape. Overlap each layer of tape 1/2 inch to ensure complete protection of the countertop's surface. Mark the cut on top of the masking tape with a pencil.

Pour water on the marked pencil line. Start the angle grinder. Lower the spinning diamond blade to the line. Move the angle grinder along the line to score the Silestone. Pour additional water on the scored section of the countertop.

Move along the cut -- cutting the line 1/32 to 1/16 inch deep with each pass. Pour additional water on the cut line when dust emits from the contact point between the diamond blade and the Silestone countertop.