How to remove leeches from ponds

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An overpopulation of leeches in a pond can cause harm to fish and other aquatic life living in the pond. Adding chemicals to the pond water will kill leeches but will cause fish and other life more damage than the problem leeches. Using natural means to remove leeches from the pond will keep your pond healthy while reducing the threat of leeches. Removing leeches naturally from a pond requires patience and persistence to ensure all harmful leeches are removed.

Remove the lid from a coffee can.

Poke numerous 1/4-inch holes in the lid and sides of the coffee can by stabbing them with an awl. Poke two holes, directly across from each other, 1/2 inch from the top of the can.

Thread 50lb. test fishing line through the two holes at the top of the can.

Pull 12 inches of line through the holes. Tie the line in a knot, leave the knot sit four inches above the rim of the can.

Cover the bottom of the coffee can with raw liver.

Push the plastic lid on the coffee can.

Place the coffee can in the water and weigh it down with a rock.

Allow the can to sit in the water for 24 hours.

Pull the fishing line to remove the can from the water and discard the liver and leeches.

Add additional liver, replace the lid and return the can to the water. Repeat the process until no leeches appear in the can after it has been sitting in the water for at least one week.

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