How to Hardwire an Appliance

Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

The term "hardwire" means that an appliance directly connects to the circuit wire that goes to the electrical panel in your home instead of using a plug that connects to an electrical receptacle. Very few appliances actually connect in this manner. One such appliance is the dishwasher.

Although just about any appliance can be made to connect in this manner, many dishwashers connect via hardwire. If you look under the countertop where your dishwasher installs, you will find a large wire. This is the wire to which you will connect your appliance.

Turn off the breaker in the electrical panel that provides electricity to the wire.

Find the cover for the terminal box. In many cases, the cover is on the back of the unit and secures into place with screws. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws and cover from the back of the appliance.

Slide the wire through the hole in the terminal box so approximately 12 inches sticks through the box. Make sure the wires do not touch any electrical motors or moving parts inside the appliance. Tighten the clamp mounted to the hole you snaked the wires through with a screwdriver. This prevents the wire from sliding around.

Peel back approximately 6 inches of insulation with wire strippers. This will expose the individual wires inside the large wire. Peel approximately ½ inch of the insulation off the end of each wire with wire strippers.

Bend the end of the green wire into a U-shape. This will allow the wire to secure to the terminal screw more easily.

Find the green bolt in the terminal block. Loosen it and secure the bare wire or green wire to the terminal bolt. Tighten the terminal bolt with the screwdriver.

Secure the black wire you just stripped to the black wire inside the terminal box with a wire nut. Secure the white wire you just stripped with the white wire in the terminal box with a wire nut. Wrap both wire nuts with electrical tape. In some cases, you will have terminal screws for the black and white wire just as you did for the green wire. If this is the case, bend the end of the wires into a U-shape and secure the wires to the terminal screws.

Reinstall the terminal block cover and secure it with the screwdriver.