Directions for a Homewell Steam Xpress

The Homewell Steam Xpress is a handheld steam cleaner that can be used to clean a variety of surfaces, such as tiles, toilets, cutting boards, tires, countertops, appliances, glass and even carpet stains or upholstery. The device uses steam to clean surfaces instead of chemicals or other cleaners and may be useful in homes with those with allergies, respiratory problems or sensitivities or objections to chemical household cleaners. Using the Steam Xpress is generally straightforward, but should only be done by adults due to the use of hot steam to reduce the risk of injury.

Fill the water reservoir with lukewarm, clean water. Do not fill past the "Max" line on the water tank.

Plug the Steam Xpress into a power outlet and turn the power to "On." Allow several minutes for the device to heat properly.

Squeeze the handle trigger to dispense steam onto the surface to be cleaned.

Wipe the surface with a cleaning sponge or soft cloth.

Repeat until the area has been cleaned thoroughly, then disconnect the Xpress from the power supply.

Wait for the steam cleaner to cool thoroughly, empty the water tank and store in a cool, dry place.

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