How can I get my diamond ring gia certified?

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Since its founding in 1931, the Gemological Institute of America has become the industry standard for diamond, gemstone and pearl grading and evaluation. The GIA has offices scattered across the globe, from Carlsbad to Mumbai, to provide superior service and education to its clients.

If you are planning to sell a diamond ring or wish to know the details of your stone's quality, submitting your ring to a GIA laboratory is an excellent starting point.

Contact the GIA laboratory nearest you to discuss your diamond ring. The GIA can provide only verification, origin and coloured diamond identification reports for mounted stones, and the extent of the report will be affected by the setting of your stone. There are two GIA laboratories in the United States: one in Carlsbad, Calif., and one in New York City. Describe and discuss your ring with a GIA professional before proceeding. You will not be able to purchase a Diamond Dossier or a diamond grading report for a mounted stone.

Ship your diamond to a GIA laboratory for servicing. You will need to fill out a client services agreement form (available on the GIA website), as well as a memo that details the contents of your package and your return address. Your ring will need to be packaged in parcel papers, available through many online jewellery supply stores, and cannot have any personal identification on the outside of the package. Ship your diamond using United States Registered Mail or air/armoured courier.

Drop off your diamond in person at any GIA location worldwide. You will still need to prepare all of the information as described for shipping, and your diamond still needs to be submitted in parcel papers. Make sure to call the laboratory in advance to schedule an appointment during business hours.