How to Make Fabric Brooches

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Scraps of fabric tend to accumulate quickly in the workspace of avid crafters. Rather than relegating these small odds and ends to your dustbin, try turning them into colourful accessories. You can create this project with any assortment of fabrics, whether your scraps are all the same colour from a single project or offer up a rainbow of patterns, textures and hues. Fabric brooches are quick and simple to make and require only a collection of fabric scraps for stunning one-of-a-kind results. Pin these brooches to everything from fine sweaters to casual tees for a bright accessory perfect for any season.

Cut several fabric scraps into various shapes and sizes. Simple circles in diminishing sizes are the easiest choice. For a more elaborate floral design, cut the fabric into flower shapes with edges ranging from lightly scalloped semicircles, such as carnation petals, to sharply angled petals reminiscent of a daisy.

Sew a pin back to the back of the largest piece of fabric. If your fabric pieces are thin and flimsy, such as silk or tulle, work with the bottom two or three pieces together as you sew the pin back on for a secure fit.

Layer the fabric pieces on top of one another with the largest pieces on the bottom. Center each additional fabric shape on top of the next, with the smallest pieces on top.

Stitch the fabric layers together in the centre with several stitches until the piece feels secure.

Sew a button, bead or several small beads onto the centre of the fabric shape for a decorative finishing touch.

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