How to Calculate the Golden Ratio Face

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How beautiful you are can be scientifically calculated using the golden ratio. The golden ratio occurs in the proportions of many naturally occurring beautiful things, whether they be a man or a waterfall. Many famous movie stars are said to have perfect golden ratio faces. You are attracted to them because their faces are proportional and even. The golden ratio is 1.618. You can compare any two things to see if they fit the golden ratio by adding them together and dividing the larger thing. If the proportion is 1.618, it fits the golden ratio.

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Measure the features of your face. It does not matter what measurement units are used, as long as you use the same system for everything. Measure the width of your head, nose, outer eye to outer eye and lips. Measure the following distances: the top of your head to you chin, the top of your head to your pupil, your pupil to the tip of your nose, your pupil to your lip, your hairline to your pupil, the tip of your nose to your chin, your lips to your chin and the tip of your nose to your lips.

Compute the following ratios by dividing the top part (numerator) by the bottom part (denominator):

Top of your head to your chin / width of your head

Top of your head to your pupil / your pupil to your lip

Tip of your nose to your chin/ your lips to your chin

Tip of your nose to your chin/ your pupil to the tip of your nose

Width of your nose/ your nose tip to your lips

Distance between the outside of your eyes/ your hairline to your pupil

Length of your lips/ the width of your nose.

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Examine the resulting ratios. The closer each of these ratios is to 1.618, the more beautiful that proportion is, according to the golden ratio. Most faces have some proportions that fit the ratio quite well and others than can be far off.

Use a template. Plastic surgeon Steven Marquardt developed a template which can be photocopied onto a clear plastic sheet and placed over a photo of your face. Line up the mask with your picture and you can get a rough estimate of which are your features fit the golden ratio better than other features.

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