How to reverse grow/shrink animation in powerpoint

PowerPoint animations are used to provide emphasis and impact to a presentation. Effects fall into several categories: entrance, exit, emphasis and motion paths. The grow/shrink effect is in the emphasis category. The default grow/shrink effect makes the object larger; it expands into view. Just as its name states, the effect can also shrink an object from view.

Select the object or text to be grown or shrunk. In this example, the title slide will be used. A title slide has a title heading and a subtitle centred in the middle of the slide. The title slide is often the first slide in a presentation, informing the audience of the purpose of the presentation. For example, a presentation titled "ACME Sales Strategy" might use the date of the presentation as a subtitle. In the "Title" portion of the slide, type "Test Title." Leave the subtitle portion empty.

Go to the "Animations" tab and click on the "Custom Animation" option on the "Animations" panel.

Press the down arrow beside "Add Effect" in the "Custom Animation" dialogue box.

Go to "Emphasis," then "4. Grow/Shrink." The "Custom Animation" dialogue box has a pane that shows the emphasis used along with the selected text. It reads: "1 [picture of the mouse] [grow/shrink icon] Title 1: Test title." This information shows that the title text is the first animation that will be played using the grow/shrink effect.

Double-click "1 [picture of the mouse] [grow/shrink icon] Title 1: Test title." The "Grow/Shrink" dialog box opens. This box allows the user to change the properties of the grow/shrink effect.

Place a check beside the "Auto-reverse" option on the "Effect" tab. Press "OK." The text will grow, then shrink.

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