How to Remove the Stereo in a Suzuki Grand Vitara

The stereo of your Suzuki Grand Vitara can provide plenty of entertainment while driving, but if something goes wrong with the unit, you may need to remove it in order to repair the device. Removing the stereo is slightly complicated and you will need several tools to remove the fasteners from the stereo, and finally the stereo itself. It should take approximately half an hour to remove your Grand Vitara's radio.

Uninstall the two securing screws underneath the central trim. Pull the trim off from the bottom edges to reveal the bottom cover of the vent unit.

Pull the vent unit cover from out of the vehicle. Use a flathead screwdriver to depress the tabs while you pull the cover out.

Remove the six screws securing the vent unit to the vehicle with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Disconnect the wiring connector from the vent unit and pull it out of the vehicle.

Uninstall the four screws from the radio and disconnect its wiring connector. Remove the radio from the Grand Vitara.

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