How to Get Fuchsia Seeds

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A common name for the fuchsia flower is "lady's eardrops," because the bloom looks a bit like a dangly earring. With pink, white, purple and combinations of all three, fuchsia flowers provide lots of colour in a shady garden spot or a hanging planter indoors. In late summer and early fall, the fuchsia produces tasty berries containing its seeds. Avoid the temptation to eat all the berries; save some to plant new fuchsia plants.

Allow the fuchsia berries to ripen on the plant. Ripe berries will be somewhat soft when you squeeze them. Even the wrinkled berries contain viable seed.

Place newspaper on the work surface, as the juice of some fuchsia berries can stain.

Lay the berries on their sides and cut them open, lengthwise.

Place the sliced berries in a bowl of water and use your hands to wash the pulp from the seeds.

Lay the seeds, in a single layer, on a paper towel to dry.

Store the fuchsia seeds in an envelope or other container in which they will remain dry.

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