How to Make an Ice Centerpiece

roses image by OMKAR A.V from

A homemade ice centrepiece is a simple way to add beauty and an unexpected twist to table settings for holidays and special events. It is easy to make and you can customise it to suit the occasion. For Thanksgiving, incorporate fresh greens and flowers in fall shades of orange and burgundy.

For Christmas, combine sprigs of fresh pine or holly leaves with deep red roses or carnations. Add roses in subtle shades of ivory and light pink to the ice to make elegant centrepieces for any occasion.

Cut the top off of an empty milk carton and rinse thoroughly with water. Cut the carton to the height you would like your centrepiece to be.

Arrange flowers and fresh greens in the carton. If you would like your centrepiece to include a candle, simply place a large pillar candle in the centre of the carton then place flowers and fresh greens around it. Make sure the wick of the candle extends above the edge of the carton.

Fill the carton with water and carefully place it in the freezer.

Remove the carton from the freezer when the ice is solid. Dip it in a bowl of warm water for a few seconds and peel the paper away.

Place the sculpture back in the freezer until just before serving time.

Remove the sculpture and place it on a tray or in a shallow bowl in the centre of the table. Surround the sculpture with more flowers and greens.