How to get rid of seagulls on your home

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Some people enjoy the company of seagulls others hate them because the birds make a lot of noise, tear up trash bags and defecate on house walls and roofs. Due to an increase in the seagull population, more and more of them are moving inland in the U.S. The most effective way to get rid of seagulls is to seagull-proof your roof.

Place seagull spikes on your roof. The seagull spikes are short metal wires that stick upwards and prevent the seagulls from landing on the roof. The spikes have holes in their base. Put a screw through each hole and affix the spike to the roof using a screwdriver. Check where the seagulls prefer to stand on your roof and place the spikes in those locations. Read the user manual for additional information.

Put a sound emitting device on your roof. A sound emitter will mimic the sound of preying birds and scare away seagulls. Read the manual for specific instructions and to determine what voltage the device needs.

Keep trash away from your home. Close the top of the dustbin or dumpster so that seagulls cannot get inside it. Never leave plastic trash bags lying around in the street because they are the top target of seagulls.

Refrain from feeding seagulls. Feeding the birds will attract them to your house and they may even bring their friends the next time.

Stretch barb wire over the roof and other areas where the seagulls gather or nest. The barb wire will prevent the seagulls from resting for a long time on your roof because the wire pricks the birds' feet. The wire will change the seagulls' habits and they will not return.

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