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How to Find a Seamstress in Your Area

Updated February 21, 2017

Looking your best sometimes requires alterations and custom fittings for your clothes. Not only can a local seamstress make your clothes fit perfectly, she can update your current wardrobe by altering the style of clothing. When you find a seamstress in your area, schedule a consultation before making any commitment to her. She'll need to see the garment you need created or altered. She'll also need you to try it on. Bring the shoes you plan to wear with the outfit and wear appropriate undergarments. This helps your seamstress create a perfect fit.

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  1. Go to the Association of Sewing and Design Professionals webpage. Left click on the "find a sewing pro" page and then left click on "search by state." Left click on your state. You'll see all the seamstresses and sewing professionals in your state who are registered with the Association of Sewing and Design. It displays their contact information so you can see where they are located.

  2. Talk with friends and neighbours. Ask who tailors or repairs their clothing. Chances are they take their items to a local seamstress.

  3. Look in the phone book under "tailor," "seamstress," or "alterations." You'll see the seamstresses address and can determine how close her business is to you.

  4. Search for a seamstress online. Type the word "seamstress," along with the name of your town. The results will show local seamstresses and companies that complete alterations.

  5. Ask a salesclerk or store manager at your favourite clothing store. She may give you the name of her seamstress or may have a seamstress on site who works for the store.

  6. Tip

    Be sure you can look in a mirror while your seamstress fits your garment. You need to know how it's going to look when it's done. Speak up if you want a look different than the seamstress suggests. She is working for you, altering or creating your clothes, not hers. Ask to see samples of her work or contact information for some of her current clients.

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Things You'll Need

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