How to Make Turrets From Rice Krispies Treats

Imagine having a fancy castle cake for your child's next birthday. Your brave knight or party princess would enjoy it, but purchasing a bakery-made cake can be prohibitively expensive. But there's a way to create a homemade version. Begin with a square cake for the main part of the building and craft turrets from a surprising ingredient: Rice Krispies treats.

Make up a batch of Rice Krispies treats mix according to the package directions. Coat a flexible plastic spatula with butter or margarine so it won't stick to the mixture.

Lay a sheet of waxed paper on the table and turn the Rice Krispies mixture onto it. Use the buttered spatula to press the mixture into a flat surface about 1 inch thick. Allow the mixture to cool until it is firm to the touch.

Dip a biscuit cutter into icing sugar. Cut out round shapes from the Rice Krispies mixture with the biscuit cutter. Transfer the round shapes to another piece of waxed paper.

Stack the circles up evenly to create the towers for your turrets. Each turret will use four or five circles, depending on how tall you want your cake to be. Push the circles down a bit to hold them together.

Place the turrets into the refrigerator for 1/2 hour to harden. Removed the firmed turrets and cover them with a thin coat of frosting using a knife or spatula. Add the turrets to the corners of your cake.

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