How to fix the zipper pull on a coat

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The zipper pull, or pull tab, is an important component to any zipper. It pulls the slider, the mechanism that locks the zipper teeth together, up and down the zipper track. Most pull tabs are permanently secured to the slider so they won't break off. Some however do break off. If you find the pull tab of you favourite coat has broken off, don't despair. There are ways to fix the pull tab.

Remove the pull tab completely from the slider.

Make sure the slider can still slide up and down the zipper track.

Use the magnifying glass to inspect the break in the pull tab.

Bend the broken sections of the pull tab with the pliers so there is enough space between them to insert them back into the slider.

Use the file to file down any jagged or sharp spots on the break, but don't file off too much.

Insert the pull tab back into the slider and use the pliers to squeeze the broken sections back together. Try to get the broken pieces to overlap slightly if possible.

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