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How to Upload PDFs to Tumblr

Updated April 17, 2017

Adding a PDF to Tumblr will help you provide additional media and information to your audience. You must upload the PDF file to a separate online database and link to the PDF file on the Internet since Tumblr, as of the time of this publication, does not directly upload PDF files. Creating a link to a PDF document within your Tumblr blog is a simple option to share PDFs with your visitors.

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  1. Upload the PDF file to the Internet using an external media uploader. If you have a blog on another platform, using their media uploader is the best option. You can also upload the PDF to the Internet using FTP, or file transfer protocol, access and place the file directly into a website directory. This will give the PDF the URL address necessary to bring the link into Tumblr and will resemble the following: ""

  2. Copy and paste the URL of the PDF into a plain text document.

  3. Access your Tumblr dashboard and select the "Text" icon to create a new post for the PDF file.

  4. Enter the title of your post and place your text into the text window.

  5. Highlight the words or copy that reference the PDF link, such as "download PDF here," and select the hyperlink icon just above the text window. This icon looks like a connected chain.

  6. Enter the PDF's URL location copied from your text document into the "Link URL" entry box and select the green "Insert" button.

  7. Check your text before publishing your post and then select the "Create Post" option when ready.

  8. Test the link to ensure the PDF opens as desired and that the link directs the user to the proper location.

  9. Tip

    Keep the PDF file size to a minimum, as a slow downloading process may deter some people from accessing your file.

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Things You'll Need

  • Online account or server


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