How to Fix a Zippo Lighter That Won't Spark

George Marks/Retrofile/Getty Images

While Zippo lighters are great, many first-time owners are shocked the first time their prized possession won't light up. If you're sure you have refuelled, chances are it is a very easy fix. A drive to the local tobacco shop for a new Zippo flint is all that's holding you back from lighting up again.

Remove the inner lighter from the outer shell by holding each side at the top and pulling until it comes out.

Unscrew the flint spring on the inner lighter with a small screwdriver. If this is your first time, make sure to watch the spring so it doesn't fly off -- they can be difficult to find.

Put the spring in a safe place and remove any remaining flint from the inner lighter by tapping it gently -- it should come right out.

Insert a new flint in the flint tube where you removed the spring. Replace the spring, screw it in and ensure that your lighter has fuel while it's out of the shell.

Insert the inner lighter back into the shell and you're ready to light up.