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How to Find Out Your Skype Password

Updated April 17, 2017

If you use Skype's automatic sign-in feature, you may not have used your password since you created it -- even if you use Skype daily. When you eventually need to enter your Skype password, you may find that you have no idea what it is. While Skype will not reveal your current password, it allows you to create a new one if you still have the email address you used when creating your Skype account. If you do not have this e-mail address but have paid for a Skype feature in the past, you can still reset your password.

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  1. Visit Skype's "Forgotten your password?" page. You can either navigate here via Skype's website or click the "Forgot your password?" link on Skype's sign-in screen.

  2. Enter your e-mail address into the space provided on this page, and then click the blue "Submit" button.

  3. Check the email address associated with the account. Within 30 minutes, you should receive an e-mail from Skype.

  4. Click the "Temporary code" link within Skype's e-mail within 6 hours. Select the Skype name for which you wish to change the password, if you have more than one account. Type your desired new password into the two boxes provided for this purpose.

  5. Click "Change password and sign me in" to finish the process. From now on, use this password to sign into your Skype account.

  6. Go to Skype's "Forgotten your password?" page if you do not remember the email address associated with your account but have made a payment to Skype in the past. Then click the "Forgotten your e-mail address?" link.

  7. Enter your Skype name into the field that appears, and then click the blue "Submit" button.

  8. Provide your first and last name, your country and the payment history information of your choice, and then click "Submit."

  9. Create a new password and provide a valid e-mail address for the account, and then click "Submit" again to finish the process.

  10. Warning

    Skype requires either the email address you were using when you set up the account or information related to a Skype service you paid for. If you cannot remember either, you will not be able to get a password for your existing account and will need to create a new one.

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