How to organise a fund-raising charity night

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Raising money is no easy task, but raising money for a good cause can motivate people to participate and to donate. Think of a creative way to host a charity night, from a spaghetti dinner to a variety show. Encourage lots of people to get involved, help put on the event and spread the news by word of mouth.

Regardless of what type of event you put on, put out a donation bucket or take up a collection for people to donate a little extra.

Talk to the organisation you are fund-raising for to decide on the structure of the event. Brainstorm possible additional fundraisers to do in conjunction with a main event, such as selling food. Decide what day, what time and where the event will be held. Contact the owners of the event facility to reserve the room or space for your charity night. Decide how much of the proceeds will go toward the charitable organisation. Write down a budget of what the event will cost, and plan how you will pay for the initial spending. Set a goal for the amount of money you want to raise.

Contact volunteers to help with the charity night. Ask the charity organisation to put an advertisement for volunteers in its newsletter. Spread the word in local churches, clubs and societies that volunteers are needed. Explain the purpose of the event and what is expected of the volunteers. Give potential volunteers an e-mail address and a phone number so they can contact you to sign up to volunteer. Make a schedule for volunteers to sign up according to times and responsibilities.

Ask local businesses to support the charity night. Ask them to donate raffle items, prizes, food or services to the event. Make a program to pass out at the event and sell advertising space in the program to local businesses. Give businesses the option of serving as the primary sponsor of the event. Make a banner with the name of the primary sponsor to advertise the business. Collect business cards or brochures from the primary sponsor to pass out at the charity night.

Decide what kind of audience you want to target for your event. Make flyers that appeal to your target audience. List a description of the event, the charity that will benefit, the price of admission or other costs and the time and location of the event. Post the flyers in schools, churches, public buildings and businesses. Put an ad in the local newspaper and on a radio station. Make signs for people to display in their windows or gardens to advertise the event.

Post signs at the location of the event to direct people. Purchase or make tickets for the event. Set up a table to sell the tickets or provide information about the event. Set up other furniture that is needed. Contact volunteers to confirm their availability. Hold the event at the designated time and place.