How to Decorate a Cake to Look Like a Penguin

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With the popularity of movies like "Happy Feet" and "March of the Penguins," many people have fallen in love with penguins. Since penguins have a basic shape and colour patterns, making your own penguin cake is fairly simple. You can likely make the cake using items that you already have at home.

Place the rectangular cake on a large platter or a clean, flat surface.

Draw a penguin shape onto a piece of cardboard that is slightly smaller than the size of the cake. Look at the penguin picture as a reference. Do not include the penguin's feet.

Cut the penguin shape out of the cardboard and place it on top of the cake. Use a knife to trace around the cardboard, marking the shape into the cake.

Cut the shape out of the cake using a serrated knife. Reserve your cake scraps.

Put 3/4 of a can of white frosting in one bowl and the remaining quarter in a separate bowl. Use black food colouring to dye the larger amount of frosting and yellow to dye the smaller amount.

Frost the penguin body with the black and white frosting using your picture as a reference. Use a frosting knife, which is wide and flat. If it is a challenge to keep the white and black frosting separate, use a pastry bag and a wide tip to frost the cake.

Use the scraps of cake to create small penguin feet at the base of the cake. Frost the feet using the yellow icing.

Create eyes on the cake with the black frosting.

Cut the dried apricot or orange candy into a triangular shape and place it on the cake to serve as the penguin's beak.

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