How to Inflate My Coleman Air Mattress

Coleman may be most noted for its portable lanterns, but the company produces a host of other outdoor-related products, including a line of air beds. The mattresses are designed with portability in mind. Once deflated and rolled up, a mattress may be stored in a handy carrying case for ease of transportation. If you've never inflated the mattress before, or perhaps have forgotten how, take a moment to learn the steps involved. The knowledge may prove a valuable time saver when setting up your camp.

Check the ground on which you intend to lay the Coleman air bed during inflation. Check for anything sharp, which can damage the mattress. Remove any such object.

Unfold the mattress across the ground and spread its edges flat.

Locate the valve on the side of the Coleman air bed.

Open the valve cap. Pull firmly on the valve cap lanyard to unseat the valve from the internal post.

Attach the proper adaptor nozzle to the inflation end of the pump. Coleman pumps come in various designs, and one may have been included with your air bed. These pumps can have multiple adaptor nozzles to accommodate different products. Chose the adaptor nozzle that fits the air bed valve.

Insert the pump nozzle into the Coleman air bed valve.

Operate the pump. Depending on the design Coleman pump, this may be a simple as turning on the pump's power switch. Other pumps require manual operation.

Keep a close eye on the rising mattress. Stop pumping air into the mattress once it is fully inflated.

Push the pump nozzle into the mattress to seal off the valve and prevent air from escaping.

Detach the pump from the valve. Close the Coleman air bed valve cap.

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