How to add an expandable text box in a word document

Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010 created a new menu system to better organise important and common user tools, including the text box. Text boxes provide an area for text that is independent of the page restrictions and styles such as margins and spacing. Windows includes a variety of preinstalled text box styles as well as the ability to draw your own text box. Style and resize text boxes to fit the interior text.

Open "Microsoft Word." Create a new document, or open an existing document.

Click the "Insert" ribbon.

Click the "Text Box" button.

Click "Draw Text Box" at the bottom of the Text Box menu.

Click and hold where you want the upper left corner of the text box. Drag the cursor to where you want the lower right corner. Release the mouse.

Type and style your text as normal.

Click and drag the white squares on the sides and circles at the corners to resize the text box.

Click and drag the green circle to rotate the text box.

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