How to fix purse handles

Aidon/Photodisc/Getty Images

If your purse is as heavy as a brick, all of that weight is putting stress on the handles. If the handles of your purse are frayed, cracked or have even snapped, instead of replacing the entire purse, fix the handles.

Glue down any peeling leather or faux leather with Super Glue. Use fabric glue for fabric purses.

Cover cracked leather handles with a fabric or faux leather of the same colour as the original. Cut the fabric into large enough strips to wrap around the handles, tuck the ends of the fabric in and hand-stitch the new covers over the old handles. If the leather is especially worn, peel it away completely before covering.

Replace broken handle attachments or hardware; fabric and craft stores sell them. The handles are often attached to the purse through a loop on the body of the purse or are sewn directly on the bag. Remove the old attachments by hand and sew on the new ones.

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