How to Remove Ink Marks From Leather Sofas

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Known for its prestigious appearance and lifetime endurance, leather is a prevalent furniture upholstery material. Leather sofas accommodate any home decor with their varying styles, textures and finishes. Although low maintenance, leather isn't stain-proof. Leather sofas can obtain ink stains from leaky pens and mishaps. Ink-stained leather is aesthetically unattractive on sofas and in homes. Since leather consists of porous skin, it rapidly absorbs ink marks. Immediately remove ink marks from leather sofas using simple cleaning agents.

Submerge the end of a cotton swab in undiluted rubbing alcohol. Lightly roll the end of the dampened swab over the inky leather. Transfer as much ink onto the cotton swab as possible.

Moisten a soft cleaning cloth with water. Wipe the damp cloth lightly over the sofa to rinse off the alcohol.

Buff the damp leather surface with a thick towel until the sofa is dry.

Examine the leather for lingering ink. Repeat the prior procedure if you notice any ink.

Squeeze a dime-size portion of leather conditioner onto another soft cloth. Rub the cloth in small, circular movements over the sofa until the leather has fully absorbed the conditioner. Leather conditioners restore moisture to leather.

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